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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A Cosmic Labyrinth: Part 6 (Herbal passageway and Haven of Neuroscience)

The Herb Strewn Path
 I rejoin the path where I have seeming lost my way in time
(that tyrant that pursues, presses and never retreats from his inexorable line).
So, unbelievably, I am in herb-strewn passage of yester-year;
for never would one tread such path today.
Rather we would have synthetic infusions
sold at vast premiums to sublimate our angst away!
But I, delighted, step on rosemary, bay and thyme
entrancing me with every tread
and wonder what these surging attars rouse within my head:
this warming glow,
this restfulness.
Ah! The neuroscientist , at least in part, will know.
Ponder it not now. For here I’m envious of earlier kin,
lives most harsh compared to mine,
who, on occasion would unclose a door, step in,
be drenched by balm of herbs
upon a floor – sublime.
or should I truer say, divine?

The Haven of Neuroscience.
Enter here with caution
for it is the province of the brain:
astounding abilities are here being explored
within that mass of cerebral tissues and circuits,
which can impressively put in train
connections, memories, inspirations, surprises
and thankfully, with prosaic regularity
the mundane;
the actions and reactions of the day-by-day.

The firing of neurons, the activation of synapses
and each distinctive part
of this complex organ are wonders for our contemplation,
challenges to understand how we respond to tradition,
to novelty, to learning and to art.
Here is all processed and we can each be sure
no-one else will respond to a set of  circumstances
Exactly as we will.
We will, in some way stand apart
from others and determine our own resolutions
to every second of the day; to the grips and demands
of the institutions
that help define us:
and occasionally to react to revolutions!

‘Tis here our speech is triggered, our senses and our range of motions
and step by step understandings are being built
which more clearly define such questions
as the seat of our emotions.
How is it that deep within our being lies
A sense of the transcendant
which some would wish to reduce to basic electronic pulses.
But others will perhaps
rejoice to know our wondrous brain can find space for the resplendent,
the awesome, the loving, the wondrous and the beautiful
and see in that a further journey
drawing us towards the numinous.

I long to learn, I long to rest,
but I am beckoned on, I cannot stay.

This is the sixth part of a twelve part poem-journey. The whole of this extended poem-journey (so far) can be read at A Cosmic Labyrinth: Parts 1 - 6

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