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Thursday, 13 February 2020

The Advances of Science.

Imaginary gas traces
in space (CGI)

Breathtaking are the advances of science,
fact upon fact, day upon day,
theory upon theory,
building, building, building;
and data flooding into the ears, the eyes, the brains,
the banks of computers:
and crying,
‘This is the cosmic reality,
this is where knowledge lies,
here are all the secrets of the universe’ - 
seemingly forgetting they are all provisional!

And as space is probed,
the depths of the sea,
and the bowels of the earth
are explored:
as the tiniest particles
are smashed together
or ripped apart
power seems to lie in the gathering
of knowledge.

Pause to ask
‘Do these marvels bring wisdom?’
‘Do they enhance
the beauty of the earth
or the exquisite patterns of the cosmos?’
‘Do they lead us to a better understanding 
of the mystery of God’.

They can.
Indeed they can:
but they can also tempt
us mere mortals away,
to seek to disregard those very mysteries
at the heart of the wonder of Creation.

Keep us, dear Lord
alert to wonder;
awed, beneath the shadow
of your overarching wing,
where you gather us
to share in your Wisdom
and rejoice
in your unfathomable and eternal mystery.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Lord Jesus Christ, Whose Miracles.

Creation window at 
St Oswalds, Durham.
A widow full of miracles

Lord Jesus Christ, Whose Miracles.
Suggested Tune: Sussex Carol 88 88 88
(On Christmas Night all Christians Sing) 

Lord Jesus Christ, whose miracles
break loose from nature’s normal bounds,
help us proclaim the mystery
of how your mighty love surrounds
the suffering people you embrace,
and heal with your amazing grace.

Lord Jesus Christ, transfigured one
your radiance filled the mountain height;
and showed your specially chosen three,
the prophets called from realms of light:
come thrill us by this mystery                          
which broke the bonds of history.

Lord Jesus Christ, when crucified,
and lowered from that brutal cross,
there was no doubt that you had died,
your friends deep-pierced by grievous loss.
Then in three days you burst the grave,
great miracle by which we're saved.

Lord Jesus Christ, dear risen one,
ascending to your glorious throne,
you left all earthly boundaries,
laying aside our flesh and bone.            
O help us now to worship you 
for every frontier you break through.

Monday, 16 December 2019

Genesis: Creation Sonnets duo.

Genesis: Creation Sonnets duo. 

Imagining six sparkling days of creation
was Wisdom-inspired, a glorious allegory.            
Sage scribes enshrined a firmament story
in the lore of The One God’s chosen nation.
Act two, played out in an exquisite garden,
has beauty and hubris astutely portrayed,  
as the human-ness that many display,      
showed us flawed; so in dire need of pardon.
The authors of these wise-woven tales
drew them out so the thoughtful might comprehend
the ways of a God, whose great love prevails
from Earth’s first light to its ultimate end:
deep richness revered for thousands of years, 
but as knowledge advanced, new dimensions appeared.  

Research into fourteen billion years
has progressed very fast in the not-long past;  
as complex technologies supplement glass,
and the boundaries of the vast cosmos appear
to be deeper and further and longer in turn,
than optical lenses could ever define.
With background radiation implying space- time
began with a ‘big bang’: now widely affirmed.
Thus Earth’s been removed from its pivotal place
by stages, built up on precise observations,
to the arms of a galaxy, spinning in space,
round a star that’s been formed by re-aggregation:  
Day by day, knowledge grows, finding more about ‘How?’
but the ‘Why?’ remains wisdom those ‘sparkling days’ showed.

Prof. Tom McLeish, FRS. Author: 'Faith and Wisdom in Science' and 'The Poetry and Music of Science’ said of this duet of Sonnets ‘Wondreful'

Monday, 2 December 2019

#COP25 Sing in support of the conference aims from this threefold pamphlet

On the opening day of #COP25 Five Climate concern hymns and a children’s song formatted to produce as a threefold (A4) sheet. All are written to tunes that will be familiar to church/ chapel musicians and many choir leaders. I was delighted to have a Buddhist comment favourably on the language used at Friday’s Silent Rebellion meditation in Cambridge’s (UK) Grafton Centre.

The words of the separate hymns or the song will be more easily copied from this version of the song set posted a short on this blog a short while ago
All the hymn words and the song are (c) Trevor Thorn but you are welcome to use them as widely as possible to promote climate concern anywhere.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Light and Illusions

gives sight,
can play games
revealing delightful

An illusion - but no enhancements!
This is exactly as ’snapped’ -
and a complete surprise to me.

The short 1-2-3-2-1 word format poem and the extraordinary and completely chance photo above, arose from a visit to the 'Cutty Sark' at Greenwich with two of our grand-daughters on Monday as a half-term treat. On the main deck, there are three stunning display work-cabins with glass at each end to allow the interiors to be viewed without visitors walking through them. We were either side of the galley, thus facing, I think, south (me) and north (the girls). If you look to the left of my reflection, you can see some cups and saucers just behind the ‘Walley’ figure, part of a hunt game. A strong early afternoon sun gave rise to this  remarkable illusion of a wholly curious, insubstantial me with Cutty Sark headphones on, fading into the chequered pattern floor and seemingly holding a brightly lit photo of my grand-daughters, Grace and Catie.

So, a moment, perhaps, to give thanks for the amazing gift of light which enables those of us privileged to enjoy good sight to see all the amazing glories of the world around us: and to follow that with thanks for the dark which enables us to see deep into the vast sweep of the universe.

May you enjoy the wonders of both the light of day and the darkness of night both of which can give us far wider perspectives on life - which are so needed today!

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Inspired by Psalm 150 and re-imagined for C21

Moth Nebula - (Acrylic: imagined): Gold of
the cosmic background to represent
the sovereignty of our Creator God.

Praise God in his holiness;
Praise him in heaven, his glorious dwelling-place

Praise him from the unknown depths of stars, moons and planets; and from the soaring wonders of the vastness of space.

Praise him for the marvellous gift of matter; and for his extravagant love for all that lives.

Let great aquatic creatures and enormous land-bound mammals, miniscule animals, insects and microscopic cells, praise the Lord.

Let forms of life wholly beyond human comprehension, praise the Lord.

For the neural pathways that birth our imaginations and give rise to all our understandings, give thanks and praise.

Let everything that exists, Praise the Lord.

No better reason for posting this other than it is ‘A new song, to The Lord’ (Psalm 33 v3: Ps 96 v1: Ps 98 v1: Ps 149 v1: Isaiah 42 v10 among other invitations to sing a new song).

Other psalms and Bible passages re-imagined for the twenty-first century can be found as under
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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Five Climate Concern Hymns and one song

                                                                  Wildfire in the Amazon 2019

At ‘Once in a Lifetime’ conference. Here are five hymns and a children’s song on the theme of climate justice. All to familiar tunes. (Small revisions made December 2019 to improve scansion and ease of singing)

As Mighty Glaciers Recede
(Tune 88.88 Suggested – Grenoble)

As mighty glaciers recede
and leave great scars which cause alarm;
be sure it is the rising heat
of greenhouse gases causing harm.

When coastal glaciers discharge
their rapid melt, to chilly seas:
we know, that ocean levels will,  
rise swiftly and inexorably. 

By contrast, inland glaciers
cause havoc through reduced cascades,
so downstream waters can’t suffice
to turn hydraulic turbine blades.

We need to switch from fossil fuels
to wind and wave and solar power:
renewables already can
make all these risks far lo-o-wer.

For everyone who loves the earth
clean energy must be the aim,
to strengthen hope the planet can     
be saved through this essential change.

The evidence of shrinking ice
invites all those who love the Lord -
be stewards wise – and build up hope   
of justice for the coastal poor.

For as such massive change takes place
the least resourced will bear the toll
of harshness in the furious wake
of worsening weather through the world.

Does the God who Lived a Human
(Tune 87.D Suggested - Through the Night of Doubt and Sorrow/Marching)

Does the God who lived a human,
weep with anger, weep with rage,
at the vile and gross injustice 
of this money-driven age?

Wealth and arrogance are forcing
powerless people to the brink;
such as those who live in terror
that their homes and fields will sink.

Add to that the lies and falsehoods 
in our corridors of power: 
Lord of justice, cause your people 
to rise up in this dark hour.

Seeking truth and resolutely 
challenging both lies and wealth  
that are careless of resources,
or strip others of their health. 

Listen now to children’s wisdom,
many of whom recognise
that unless we change our lifestyle
earth is facing its demise .

If we strive more for God's vision
of an earth where love and care
guide the actions of its people,
hope can flower and quell despair.

So, bring hope, O great Creator,
let the planet’s saving be
hastened by your Holy Spirit,
calling leaders, calling me.

Make us Good Stewards, Lord 
(Tune: 66.66.88 Suggested - Hills of The North Rejoice )

Make us good stewards, Lord,
of this your earthly home.
help us be resolute  
in curbing damage done
by fossil fuels and plastic waste,
and other ways earth is defaced.

Help us encourage hope    
that the world can achieve   
limits to harm caused by  
products we scarcely need,   
which strip the world of minerals rare,     
and plunder water without care.    

Give us, your people, Lord,  
zeal so we might protest, 
when justice is denied
by wealth’s voracious quests    
that ransack earth, afflict the poor, 
as greedy profiteers make more.    

O Great Creator, Who Desires.
(Tune 8.88.88 Suggested - Eternal Father, Strong to Save/ Melita)

O Great Creator, who desires
that humans should protect the wild,
and weeps when tiny sparrows die,
forgive us when we close our eyes
to grasping greed with single aim
that spoils and kills for short term gain.

Lord, rouse us now to recognize
that we too often stand aside
from finding ways to stop the rape
of threatened creatures’ habitats;
so your command is disobeyed,
with species failing day-by-day.

Lord, help us to change attitudes
and work to challenge such abuse
that linked with trends through climate change
is now destroying a wide range
of species in life’s fragile tree
making earth sterile, needlessly.

Suns of Great Brilliance
(Tune55.54.D Suggested – Bunessan).

Suns of great brilliance pierce through our darkness,
from their colossal distance in space;
if their light dips it may be a planet
making a transit of that star’s face.

Like ours, those suns may have many planets
circling close or orbiting wide,
rocky or gaseous, balmy or frigid,
maybe benign or sterile to life.

Far in the future there may be humans
making their way to planets afar:
will they be stewards with good intentions, 
or will their greed those pristine worlds scar?

Pray that our race would honour the wonders
of God’s creation’s beauty and worth,
ever alert to how careless commerce
threatens the fragile, as here on earth.

God Gave us This Lovely Earth.
(A children’s song with a tune based on London Bridge is Falling Down)

God gave us this lovely earth,
lovely earth, lovely earth.
God gave us this lovely earth,
so let’s help save our planet.

Energy from sun, wind, tide,
sun, wind, tide; sun, wind, tide.
Energy from sun, wind, tide,
can save our lovely planet

Fossil fuels must be turned off,
be turned off, be turned off.
Fossil fuels must be turned off,
to save our lovely planet.

Batteries must better be,
better be, better be:
Batteries must better be,
to save our lovely planet.

After song - chant:
Scientists draw more power from the seas, please;
and also build better batteries

Friday, 20 September 2019

We Have a Lovely Planet

This children’s song, ‘We Have a Lovely Planet (for Key Stages 1 & 2) is an advance issue of one of the songs which will be incorporated in a new songbook of 30 songs titled ’Sing of God and Science’ due to be published by Kevin Mayhew in June 2020: so watch this site to learn more as the publication date comes nearer.

Credit NASA: Blue Marble

The purpose of the book is to make it better understood that science and faith can complement each other in showing the glory of God in his Universe. There are a few more songs in the same vein on this blog they can be found at the address shown below.

However, it is very appropriate to post this this particular song on this, the day of protest by children across the world demanding that politicians take the issues surrounding climate chaos seriously. So this song is published in solidarity with that youthful generation who are going to have to live with the mistakes of the older post-war generations: they deserve all the support and encouragement they can get. Well done! all of you.

Why not ask for this hymn to be sung in collective worship times in school to help keep the issues sharply in focus. And, Oh Yes! Some of you might be able to write better songs on the subject - which could be one of your contributions to keep the profile of the issue where it needs to be: top of the political and economic agenda

We have a lovely planet
For God’s creatures all to share
He asked us to be kind to it,
Look after it with care:
There’s lots of things we can do
To tend to God’s creation;
Look after plants and animals
And people of all nations.

Cars and things with engines
Are harmful to the air.
We can walk and cycle,
Help save the world we share.
And as we look around us
At birds and bugs and trees
We thank God for creation
Asking ‘Help us love it, please’.

Now pricey bottled water
Is the same as from the tap
Both of them are H20
So why the costly gap?
The charge is for the bottles
Which at sea disintegrate
Into a billion fragments
Sealing birds’ and fishes’ fates.

Then in a spoken chant
You could buy a flask, to fill as you need,
Your water stays cool,
It’s a ‘Save God’s Earth’ deed.

Further Care of The Planet songs, hymns and poems can be found at

Saturday, 31 August 2019

The Wisdom of Women

Iona: The Nunnery

Soon to catch the train to Iona with brings to mind the beautiful buildings there and their messages. This poem is a companion to  an earlier poem I wrote on the subject which can be found at IONA: The Nunnery

I lament the waste of the wisdom of women
Down the long ages,
And still in those places
Where men are too frightened to see,
That half the societies
Which they inhabit
Have great things to offer 
if freed from the shackles
Of male domination,
suppressing the brilliance
Many women can offer;
So is at its heart, 

Such stupidity.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

O Great Creator, Who Desires that Humans Should Work with the Wild

Threatened Species (CGI)

This seems to me the sort of new song we should be singing to The Lord.

O Great Creator, Who Desires.
(Tune: Eternal Father, Strong to Save)

O Great Creator, who desires
that humans should work with the wild,
and weeps when tiny sparrows die,
forgive us when we close our eyes
to grasping greed with single aim
that spoils and kills for short term gain.

Lord, wake us now to recognize
when caring people stand aside
from finding ways to stop the rape
of threatened creatures’ habitats;
your clear command is disobeyed,
with species failing day-by-day.

Lord, help us to change attitudes
and work to challenge such abuse
that linked with trends through climate change
will utterly destroy the range
of species in life’s fragile tree
and make earth sterile, needlessly.

© Trevor Thorn July 2020

For further ecology/ Care of the Planet/ Stewardship poems songs and hymns click on the ‘Living With Integrity’/ Care of the planet image near the top of the right hand column.

Friday, 19 July 2019

Lord Fill Me With (Digital) Wisdom.

I chose today’s picture to convey something of the extraordinary scope of the world-wide web and the confusion some of us can feel when trying to comprehend the rapidity of communications today compared with 10, 20, 50 years ago. To pray for wisdom in our use of this amazing technology and especially for the ability not to be distracted by trivia or worse, feels wholly appropriate. And if a suitable opportunity arose, the three verses could be sung to ’Streets of Laredo'

Lord, fill me with wisdom
each moment I access
the content and threads
of my tablet or phone:
keep me from time-wasting
on dangerous distractions,
or seeking for dark sites
to which I feel drawn.

The internet offers
the world on our small screens:
it tempts us to spending
on things we don’t need.
Invites us pursue links
that lead us to darkness
and sometimes self-loathing
through sex, hate or greed.

So, Lord help me focus
on sites that are wholesome,
avoiding all those
that will bring me to harm.
And if I am moved to 
express web-opinions
please help me to foster 
love, justice and calm.           

© TT June 2019

Ten thousand billion suns - A scintilla of God’s Universe

Ten thousand billion suns - A scintilla of God’s Universe
It is currently thought that the Universe has at least 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars! Hence the use of the word ‘scintilla’ for a mere ten thousand billion.

Cross and Particle Accelerator (CGI)

Cross and Particle Accelerator (CGI)
Cross and Particle Accelerator. The words of 'A Prayer for Understanding' can be viewed by clicking on this image

Nebula (Embroidery)

Nebula (Embroidery)
Nebula (Embroidery) to accompany the poem 'Invitation' which can be found by clicking on the image.

Nativity Star (CGI)

Nativity Star (CGI)
Nativity Star: This image will link you to the collection of new Carols on this site. Also, the image can easily be copied onto an overhead acetate and used as a window decoration. Easy for children to achieve. Note the cross at the centre of the star.

Orange Galaxy

Orange Galaxy
'Orange Galaxy' posted to accompany 'Bounded and Boundless'. Go to the poem by clicking on the image.

Cosmic Icon 7 Summerflower

Cosmic Icon 7 Summerflower
Cosmic Icon 7 - Summerflower Nebula (Acrylic)

Cosmic Ikon 8 Moth

Cosmic Ikon 8 Moth
Cosmic Ikon 8: Moth Nebula(imagined-acrylic) The Gold field of deep space is intended to convey the Lordship of Christ over the whole of the Cosmos

Surprise garden rose (Photo)

Surprise garden rose (Photo)
This beautiful head of roses in our garden, which are giving off a delightful perfume in the morning sun, seems a fitting picture to link to the sonnet 'Evolution and Beauty'. Let the picture take you there. It is a surprise because it is growing high on a bush of otherwise pure yellow roses: amazing!

Cross and Vortex

Cross and Vortex
'Cross and Vortex' to accompany 'Stars and Planets Sing Your Glory'. Click on the image to go to the poem/hymn.

Gaseous Cosmic Threads (Mixed media)

Gaseous Cosmic Threads (Mixed media)
Gaseous Cosmic Threads: Mixed media - acrylics and painted threads

St Francis’ Sky (Photo)

St Francis’ Sky (Photo)
Warm Umbrian Hills: Click image to take you to the poem St Francis' Sky

Cosmic Labyrinth (CGI)

Cosmic Labyrinth (CGI)
'Cosmic Labyrinth' - This icon is a symbol of the path through the near reaches of the Cosmos with its 'Havens' where current advances in science (2012/13) are celebrated. By clicking on the picture you will be taken to the latest version of the poem of the same name.

Cross of Autumn Leaves (cropped Photo)

Cross of Autumn Leaves (cropped Photo)
Time, perhaps to consider a restorative break before the approach of Advent/ Christmas. Let this image take you to 'On Drawing Apart'.

IONA: The Marble Quarry (Photo)

IONA: The Marble Quarry (Photo)
On the South shore of Iona is a bay which shows the industrial scarring of a beautiful place. Read of it by clicking on the picture

Butterfly Nebula (CGI)

Butterfly Nebula (CGI)
The Imaginary Butterfly Nebula . Anything like this would be a real Curiosity! The image will link you to the reflection titled 'Curiosity' which is actually a celebration of the achievement of landing the Mars Rover of that name

Light of the World amidst stars (CGI)

Light of the World amidst stars (CGI)
'Light of the world' posted to accompany 'To Light'. Find the poem by clicking on the image.

Iona from Fionnphort (Watercolour)

Iona from Fionnphort (Watercolour)
Iona from Fionnphort. At this point of the Isle of Mull, the end of a pilgrimage or trip to Iona is in sight. Click on this picture to take you to the poem 'IONA - The Pilgrim Way'

My Mesh Mask for Radiotherapy

My Mesh Mask for Radiotherapy
This is the mask which was moulded to my face to ensure the radiotherapy I had in April 2017 was precisely targeted. You can read more by clicking on the image

Double Celebration

Double Celebration
Pam, who has been magnificent in caring for me since my Cancer diagnosis in October and I celebrate the end of Radiotherapy and our 36th Wedding Anniversary (Note the return of some hair!). Click on the image to read about the treatment - and waiting.

St Neots Sunset (Photo)

St Neots Sunset (Photo)
Surrounded by beauty: Whie 'Evolution and Beauty' became one of the most viewed poems on this blog, Pam, my wife took this gorgeous picture of a sunset over the flatlands of Cambridgeshire UK. Click on it to go to the poem

Gabriel - written/painted by Pam, my wife in 2015

Gabriel - written/painted by Pam, my wife in 2015
Gabriel began the Christmas story with his visit to Mary. The story is told in our Christmas collection in the Carol, Go to Nazareth My Great Messenger. Click on this image to take you there.

Maple Leaf Nebula (CGI)

Maple Leaf Nebula (CGI)
IMAGINARY IMAGE TO CELEBRATE CANADA DAY: Click on this his imaginary 'Maple Leaf Nebula' to take you to a poem entitled 'Nebula' (image not to be confused with NGC 2024, the Flame Nebula which is also known as the Maple Leaf)

Beauty in the Garden - June 2016

Beauty in the Garden - June 2016
Beauty in the Garden - June 2016

Aurora Imagined over Iona (Watercolour & pastel)

Aurora Imagined over Iona (Watercolour & pastel)
First posted here on Adomnan’s day (23rd September) 2015. An imagined natural phenomenom that could be seen to resonate mystically with the idea of Iona being a ‘thin place’ where heaven brushes earth.

Assisi Sunset

Assisi Sunset
Assisi Sunset

Cross and simple Prayer rope (Photo)

Cross and simple Prayer rope (Photo)
Cross and simple prayer rope: make one like this to use as an aid to using ‘The Jesus Prayer'